Friday, May 30, 2008

“Scoop on Summer” Kick-off Party

Kick off your summer of fun in the greater Collinwood community. Bring a snack to share and learn more about many of the great programs listed in the guide. Hands-on activities for all ages.

Euclid Beach Pavilion • Sunday, June 1st • 2-5:00 p.m.

Can we set up the best of Collinwood at our state park for three hours? We're going to try! Sunday will be a chance for you to engage in some shameless self-promotion. It's free--no limit to what you can give out, no word count! You might want to get there early to get a table, or bring your own. The more the merrier!

PS: The online guide is live now as well, visit & share the link with all your friends who aren't lucky enough to be in the neighborhood every day:

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One Goes UP!

Anyone that has travelled near the corner of East 185th Street and Lakeshore Boulevard has seen big changes! The exterior of the new Rite Aid is nearly completely up. At this pace, it is fair to believe that the store will open as scheduled by September of this year.

Since Medic Drug left the region in 2005, the East 185th Street area has been without a pharmacy within walking distance. We are very excited that Rite Aid responded to our market data that we sent in 2006. Since that initial discussion, we have worked with Rite Aid officials on finding the best location for their new flagship store. While the location selected wasn't our initial preference, landing this national drug store chain on the street and having them build a new building shows the strength of this neighborhood. We welcome the progress made so far and look forward to the grand opening!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

... And One Comes Down!

This week, the final remnants of the Europa Building will be demolished. This building was built in the early 1970s and housed the travel agency for three decades at the corner of East 185th Street and Neff Road. The building was deconstructed in hopes that it will find a new home. Rumours have the building being reconstructed as near by as Madison or as far away as California. Regardless, this interesting structure will rise again, but where has yet to be determined.

With the site cleared, construction crews will being immediately building a state-of-the-art Key Bank building. This new branch will replace their existing East 185th Street site and will have some incredible amenities. Northeast Shores staff had the privilege to view a prototype for the new branch and we were incredibly impressed. The plans are for the new branch to open in early January, 2009. We want to thank Key Bank in advance for their significant neighborhood investment that this new building represents.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pick up your free Scoop!

This week, "The Scoop on Summer" is hot off the presses and ready for you to read and enjoy. The full color calendar includes all the events, programs, activities, and volunteer opportunities you need to know about for the summer period in the North Shores Collinwood community.

Pick one up and stick it on your fridge! It is available for pick up at our offices at 317 East 156th Street. You can also pick it up at Arabica, Cafe Marika, Chili Peppers, and the library!

We want to thank Erin Randel, Meredith Pangrace, Miles Kennedy, John Copic and everyone else that contributed to this wonderful information piece.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Looking for Waterloo Walls Brain Trust!

Waterloo Walls Project

The Waterloo Walls project will initiate and organize the creation of public art on the street. There are (at least) eight potential mural opportunities as proposed in the streetscape plan. Although the implementation of most of the streetscape will have to wait for months, if not years, these murals can be done relatively easily and cheaply. The Waterloo Walls project is an effort to kick off the restoration of the street by declaring these eight walls as public canvases that will express the voice of the community. This goal will be achieved by organizing a set of tools, guidelines, and incentives for the creation of public art.

The Brain Trust

The brain trust will be a select group of artists, merchants, design professionals, and other community leaders who are interested (in) guiding the walls project. It will be this group that not only establishes the goals and structure of the project as a whole but also serves as support network and artistic director for each individual mural.

The main purpose of the group will be to facilitate and motivate participation in the mural project, essentially to ensure that the murals not only happen but that they are a (strong) representation of what the community has to offer. The purpose of the group is not to provide approval or regulation but to make sure that it is worthwhile, supportive, and rewarding for artists, building owners, and the community as a whole to participate.

Additionally the group will serve as liaison between the building owners, artists, merchants association, marketing committee, and design review board. Ultimately building owners can put whatever they like on their own buildings (or nothing at all for that matter) so it is essential that the group act as a constructive and motivational force.

Although input will be welcomed from all members of the community, the brain trust will be limited to a total of six people. Ideally, most of the group’s communication will happen via email or other online means. The group will meet in person only as needed in order to not place a burden on anyone’s schedule.

If you are interested in serving on this important Brain Trust, please e-mail John Boksansky at

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Vision Gallery Opening

The Vision Art Gallery invites you, on Friday, May 16th to the opening reception of 'Reflections'. A show of artworks featuring Paintings, Photography, Mixed Media, and Sculpture, by Jason Rudolf, John Bonner, & Melissa Jolly.

Come and join us for light refreshments, wine, and good conversation.

Right across the street: Arts Collinwood Gallery will also have an opening reception featuring the works of William Schwartz, with new Sculptures & Op-Art. For more information check out Arts Collinwood's website:

Right down the street: The Waterloo 7 Art Gallery, located at 16006 Waterloo Rd., continues it's showing of 'A Baker's Dozen'. A variety of media including: Sculpture, Paintings, Jewelry, and much more.

All exhibits are free and open to the public. So grab a friend and come on out and support North Collinwood and the local art scene.

Hope to see you there!

Vision Art Gallery
410 E.156 St. Cleveland Oh. 44110

Monday, May 12, 2008

Conceptual Design for Pier Unveiled

On April 29th Residents and stakeholders met to review the conceptual design for rebuilding the Euclid Beach Pier at Euclid Beach State Park. The plan currently being conducted by URS Corporation is being funded by a grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources-Office of Coastal Management, Northeast Shores Development Corporation and Neighborhood Progress Incorporated. The feasibility of study involves:

· Understanding the permit issues assessment required to build a pier.
· A Geotechnical Study.
· Presenting a pier concept for the public to comment on.
· Provide a cost estimate for building the preferred concept.

The rebuilding of the pier is one of the most sought after goals established by the development of the Lake Shore Plan conducted by The Kent State Urban Design Center in 2004.

The meeting provided input from Greg Thein, PE of URS Corporation. A power point presentation was filled with some of the imagery of the many venues/icons associated with Euclid Beach Park. The pier of old that existed at Euclid Beach Amusement Park accommodated steamboat travelers from the City of Cleveland to attend the park. The pier, which extended over the water was of wood construction and had to be rebuilt, as the pier was no match for the ice built up over the lake. Eventually, the pier deck was built to a height of ten feet to overcome the wrath of the winter windstorms.

The new construction of the pier will be as wide as the original/existing pier, which is twenty-four feet. A fifty-foot wide node would be incorporated at the end of the pier. The slope of the existing pier is 1:12. An ADA accessible ramp would be built at the top of the descent to the pier utilizing the existing sidewalk area. The pier light poles would be brought back. A platform that serves as a transition area toward the lakeside of the pier would also serve as a ramp to the beach. The new pier ramp would have a 1:20 incline. A gentle slope to 584’ sea level would transpire from the platform to the lake ward pier. The distance of the pier deck to the surface of the water would fluctuate from nine feet to fifteen feet depending on the water level of the lake

With the completion of the Feasibility Plan, it is hoped that working with the community, the many review agencies, Councilman Polensek, State Representative Kenny Yuko, Governor Strickland as well as Senator Voinovich, we will be able to find the resources to build the pier.

Historic photos as well as pier concept drawings are attached for your review. If you would like to provide comment regarding the pier, you can direct them to

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Use Your Waterloo Coupon in May!

In last week's Free Times, we ran a coupon good through May for several Waterloo businesses.

The coupon is good at the following Waterloo Businesses:

Beachland Ballroom - 2 for 1 admission to any tavern show
Cafe Marika - After 5pm: buy one entree, get the second entree half off
Cakes by Sweetwater - $3 off your purchase of a pound cake
Exit Stencil Records - $5 off the per hour studio rate
Mac's Locks and Keys - Sale on all Cool Color Keys
Music Saves - 15% off your purchase
Shoparooni - 15% off your purchase

Grab a whole stack of Free Times before they disappear (or print off the coupon here) and abuse these specials before the end of May!

Free Wood Chips!

The Urban Forestry at 664-3104 will DELIVER to city residents free wood chips.

The wood chips are just that! Yesterday, they were tree branches put through the wood chipper. Today, they can be dumped in your driveway.

Of course, they will dump them in the driveway and leave, but FREE wood chips are available!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Neighborhood police district is now the Fifth District!

In an effort to bring better service to the City of Cleveland, the police are restructuring the current six police districts into five districts. Apparently, the entire police department will be working differently with a long term plan for a safer society.

On the need to know level, the Sixth District will become the Fifth District
as of Monday, May 5th. Cinco de Mayo was about change in Mexico, this one is about change right here in Cleveland!!!

The police station will still be at 881 East 152nd St. But the name will be changed to protect the innocent. Commander Drummond will still be in charge of safety for North Collinwood but his telephone number is changing. (216) 623-5505 is his direct line. Although if you use the old number, you will still get connected via the
magic of telecommunications for the next 3 months.

The new and improved Fifth District will expand west to East 55th St. Chief Michael McGrath assures us that police coverage will not be compromised. So keep sending those calls for service to our men on the streets. Dispatch is still (216) 621-1234.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Grand Opening of NEW Gallery!


May 2nd-6-11pm - May 3rd 1-9pm - May 4th 1-6pm

Waterloo 7 Art Gallery
16006 Waterloo Rd
Cleveland Ohio 44011

A Bakers Dozen of artists at Waterloo 7:
Hannah Ries
Ian Petroni
Joe Frakes
Patti Di Benedetto
Neal Hamilton
Irene Sukle
Rita Di Cello
Michele Lake
Brian Jones
Tyler Schmidt
Alice Kiderman
Leslie Cohen Jeffreys
Deby Cowdin

and celebrate the Grand Opening of Brittainy Heisler’s ReVamped Gallery & Boutique

For event information call: Jerry Schmidt @ 239- 293-9548