Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Don't Pay Double For Trash!

Northeast Shores is continually impressed with the number of neighborhood residents that have their families living alone in doubles in the neighborhood.

These families have the advantage of voluminous square feet to enjoy, a separate kitchen for entertaining, and lots of storage space for those large holiday decorations.

As you may know, the City of Cleveland recently implemented an $8 monthly fee for trash collection. This monthly fee is a "per unit" fee so that means doubles owe $16 a month!

Well, the City of Cleveland Division of Waste Collection does not want to charge you double for living in your whole double. If you do live in your whole double, you can reduce your trash collection fee to the single-family rate of $8 by printing then completing the Exemption Request Form located at:

This form covers a number of potential exemptions. To help clarify how to complete this form if you are living in your whole double (and only creating trash for one household), we have completed the form generically as an example. Follow this link to show how you should complete the form:

After completing the form, you will need to mail it to the Division of Assessments and Licenses at the address listed on the form. You will also need to submit a copy of your water bill and your deed. Your water bill is mailed to you (and has your water account number which you have to list on the Exemption Form). If you do not have your deed, you can search by the owner's name (under "optionally enter party"). Also, don't forget to change the "Enter Recording Date" to the window of time when you purchased the property. Download then print a copy of your deed from:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New signs and banners on East 185th

Over the last month, Northeast Shores has replaced the banners and signs located on East 185th Street with new signs emblazoned with the new East 185th Street logo.

The banners and signs were created by Jason Bacher and we are excited about these initial steps to introduce the banners to the district.

We want to thank Councilman Polensek for providing essential funding to cover the costs of the signs and banners.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ask the Sewer District this Tuesday

At the quarterly Northeast Shores membership meeting this coming Tuesday, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District will be on-hand to present an update on the combined sewer overflow project and explain their plans to commence construction later this year.

We hope that residents and businesses will come out to hear about this very important project and learn how the construction will impact the neighborhood. After the presentation, questions will be fielded so feel free to come prepared with your specific questions about how the construction may impact where you live or work.

The meeting will occur at the Lakeshore Memorial Library (17109 Lakeshore Boulevard) from 6:30 to 8:00. The meeting is open to the public so bring a neighbor and/or friend!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Record Store Day this Saturday the 17th

For the third year in a row, Music Saves on Waterloo Road has done a great job of putting together an incredible Cleveland Record Store Day for you to enjoy.

Below are all the details:

MUSIC SAVES celebrates the 3rd Annual Record Store Day on Saturday, April 17th!

MUSIC SAVES will open for Record Store Day at noon and remain open until 10pm. During that time, customers can purchase 100 special releases available for the first time on that day, most of which are exclusive to independent stores and extremely limited. A complete list of what we will have is on our website (

In addition, customers will receive a bag of goodies from indie labels (while supplies last), including a wide array of CD samplers, stickers, buttons, posters, download cards, and other cool stuff. Every bag will have a slightly different mix! Customers will also be entered into a raffle to win a ton of great prizes also given to us by our favorite labels, distributors, and Waterloo neighbors.

Our diorama contest of last year has been replaced this year by a 3rd Grade Report contest to see which adults can master the fine art of writing a 3rd grade report. The question being answered is Why do you love your favorite record store? The winners will be chosen by our friends Justin, Kevin, and Brian, authors of the local blogs the Cleveland Bachelor ( and Citizen Dick (, all of whom also happen to be teachers!

Blue Arrow Records and This Way Out will also open at noon on Record Store Day! Blue Arrow will have a handful of special releases, as well as goodies and prizes for customers. This Way Out is offering 10% off on records all day!

4-5:30pm White Hinterland DJs at MUSIC SAVES (they play the Beachland later that night)

MUSIC SAVES and Blue Arrow Records are hosting FREE live music in the evening:
5pm Will Rigby DJs (of the dB’s, drummer for Steve Earle) at Blue Arrow Records
5:30pm The Lighthouse and the Whaler at MUSIC SAVES
6pm Prisoners at Blue Arrow Records
6:30pm The Muttering Retreats at MUSIC SAVES
7pm Tasty Cakes at Blue Arrow Records
7:30pm Cloud Nothings at MUSIC SAVES

Come on out and Walk All Over Waterloo! These great Waterloo businesses are celebrating, too!
Beachland Ballroom 1:15pm and 2:45pm screenings of the Record Store Day Mountain Goats DVD on Blu-ray, $5 (co-presented by MUSIC SAVES), later that night: Deadstring Brothers / California Speedbag, 9pm, $8
Beachland Tavern opens at noon with food and drink, Hamell on Trial performs at 3pm (FREE with a receipt from a Waterloo record store), later that night: Dosh / White Hinterland, 9pm, $10
Salty not Sweet Craft Show, noon-8pm!
Star Pop 20% off music, music memorabilia, and music t-shirts!
Arts Collinwood Café 10% discount on any purchase with a receipt from another Waterloo business, 11am-1am
Arts Collinwood Gallery Heavenly Bodies exhibit on view, artist Zinmeister Parker, 11am–1am!
Low Life Gallery Custom Stencil Art Show and Going Out of Business Party, 5-10pm!
Exit Stencil get the Mystery of Two Record Store Day tape, only available at MUSIC SAVES!
Waterloo 7 Gallery stop in to see the latest exhibit!

For more information, please contact:
MUSIC SAVES/Melanie and Kevin
15801 Waterloo Road, Cleveland, OH 44110, (216) 481-1875,,

Monday, April 12, 2010

Building next door goes down

Over the weekend, the one-story building next to the offices was demolished by the City of Cleveland Building and Housing Department.

This commercial structure has sat vacant for several years. Recently, the southern wall began to bow outwards creating an imminent hazard of collapse.

The city has stepped in to demolish this dangerous building.

What will happen with the land when the building is removed? Too early to say. The land will remain with the building owner for the time being.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Azure is looking good.

Azure Stained Glass (on Waterloo) is the newest participant in the city's Storefront Program and, boy, does it show!

The new signage for Azure just went up and looks great. If you see Mary or Ben in the neighborhood, please take the time to congratulate them and thank them for making such a large investment in the community.

Monday, April 5, 2010

LaSalle work underway

Facade and roof repairs have commenced at the LaSalle Theater on East 185th street. If you have driven by the historic theater, you probably have noticed the cherry picker or workers moving about.

This work was essential to protect the LaSalle and it also does resolve the outstanding building code violations. That's right! When the work is done, those ugly orange barrels will disappear.

Northeast Shores wants to thank the Finance Fund profusely for providing the grant money to have these essential repairs completed.