Monday, May 12, 2008

Conceptual Design for Pier Unveiled

On April 29th Residents and stakeholders met to review the conceptual design for rebuilding the Euclid Beach Pier at Euclid Beach State Park. The plan currently being conducted by URS Corporation is being funded by a grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources-Office of Coastal Management, Northeast Shores Development Corporation and Neighborhood Progress Incorporated. The feasibility of study involves:

· Understanding the permit issues assessment required to build a pier.
· A Geotechnical Study.
· Presenting a pier concept for the public to comment on.
· Provide a cost estimate for building the preferred concept.

The rebuilding of the pier is one of the most sought after goals established by the development of the Lake Shore Plan conducted by The Kent State Urban Design Center in 2004.

The meeting provided input from Greg Thein, PE of URS Corporation. A power point presentation was filled with some of the imagery of the many venues/icons associated with Euclid Beach Park. The pier of old that existed at Euclid Beach Amusement Park accommodated steamboat travelers from the City of Cleveland to attend the park. The pier, which extended over the water was of wood construction and had to be rebuilt, as the pier was no match for the ice built up over the lake. Eventually, the pier deck was built to a height of ten feet to overcome the wrath of the winter windstorms.

The new construction of the pier will be as wide as the original/existing pier, which is twenty-four feet. A fifty-foot wide node would be incorporated at the end of the pier. The slope of the existing pier is 1:12. An ADA accessible ramp would be built at the top of the descent to the pier utilizing the existing sidewalk area. The pier light poles would be brought back. A platform that serves as a transition area toward the lakeside of the pier would also serve as a ramp to the beach. The new pier ramp would have a 1:20 incline. A gentle slope to 584’ sea level would transpire from the platform to the lake ward pier. The distance of the pier deck to the surface of the water would fluctuate from nine feet to fifteen feet depending on the water level of the lake

With the completion of the Feasibility Plan, it is hoped that working with the community, the many review agencies, Councilman Polensek, State Representative Kenny Yuko, Governor Strickland as well as Senator Voinovich, we will be able to find the resources to build the pier.

Historic photos as well as pier concept drawings are attached for your review. If you would like to provide comment regarding the pier, you can direct them to

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