Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Artists in Residence Grants Announced

Welcome to the Artists in Residence grants program, brought to you by Northeast Shores and the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture. Through this exciting new program, we're giving artists who live and work in North Shore Collinwood an opportunity to propose creative solutions to some of the issues the community cares about the most.

winter 2013 projects

Neil Chastain's Collinwood sound project

Neil will lead a series of workshops for youth designed to engage young people in composing, creating, performing and recording original music pieces. One of the main desired goals is for participants to create a Collinwood sound compilation that they will then market and distribute.

Ray McNiece's North Collinwood Stories – An Intergenerational Story Circle

Ray will mentor students from Villa-Angela-St. Joseph’s School Honors English Program as they interview and transcribe the stories of elderly residents in the Waterloo area. The project will culminate in an intergenerational story sharing at the Collinwood Arts Café. 

Lou Ross's Wheels on Waterloo

Lou will oversee development of a public sculpture for placement opposite the 2013 Waterloo streetscape project. The sculpture will reflect the neighborhood’s rich history of transportation and manufacturing, with wheels representing the movement of time, where we have been, are now and where we are going in the future.

Jerry Schmidt's metalworking instruction

Jerry will instruct teenagers about metalworking, using various welding techniques learned in the studio classroom. Basic mathematics, reading a tape measure and preliminary design sketching will also be taught. They will apprentice Jerry as he completes art pieces and utilitarian projects for Collinwood area merchants.

R.A. Washington's North Collinwood Youth Choir and Performance Ensemble

R.A. will engage North Collinwood teenagers in a series of workshops to form a performance group. He will teach the ensemble the basics of performance poetry, musical theatre and songwriting and will work with them to create new arrangements for a songbook of historic songs.

Doug Wood's Music Education Series

Doug will continue his music program with a series of five 1-hour classes for children ages 6 – 9. The classes will take place weekends this winter, each with different guest performers from different genres of music. As curator of the class, Doug will help the artists share their music and engage in a question and answer session with the children.

Linda Zolten Wood's Rain Barrel Art Auction

Linda will organize a juried competition for neighborhood artists to document neighborhood history on rain barrels. The top 10 will be selected, and the artists will be paid $500 each to paint them. Finished rain barrels will be displayed in highly visible locations throughout the neighborhood. 
The members of the panel that made the final grant recommendations were neighborhood residents Amy Shoff, Jim Tomaszewski and Pat Harrison, assisted by Colleen Gilson of Cleveland Neighborhood Development Coalition and theatre artist Peter Lawson Jones.

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