Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Facade is falling at the LaSalle

The Façade is falling at the LaSalle

The barricades and “do not cross this line” installation has been placed at the streetscape of the LaSalle Theatre located at 819-827 East 185th Street.

The barricades were installed by the City of Cleveland to protect the health and safety of residents and passersby.

The current property owners are Crock Real Estate, which is the Holding Company for ParkView Federal Savings. ParkView is in Cleveland Housing Court over the condition of the LaSalle’s façade. They are awaiting the findings of an engineer to determine the cause of the falling sandstone. The engineer will very likely make short term and long term recommendations regarding the methodology of the repair. Recommendations do not necessitate action though.

If you are concerned about the condition of the building, please call Anne Johnson at ParkView. Tell her you want the LaSalle Theater repaired now! Her number is (440) 248-7171.

For further information or to air concerns, call our office and ask for John Boksansky at 216 481-7660 or jboksansky@northeastshores.org


Anonymous said...

Way to go Northeast Shores News blame the bank for the years of neglect and the deteriorating neighborhood. I notice in the picture not one store front is rented. What has your group done to help find a purchaser for this property. Why not work with the bank in solving the problem. Quit blaming and get working on results.

Old Man from the Hood

Concerned Neighbor said...

I agree. For years all I have heard are complaints. Now it's time we get into action. Let's work with the bank and see if we can breath new life into our neighborhood. Stop pointing fingers and full steam ahead. Get-R-Done.